Hiring Digital Agency

It has been a hard way to hire or outsource the web projects to digital agency and if not be careful it will be in the one way track.With out some research with back ground check like work or other stuffs will really make you hard return with no things in return.Hired? Paid for ? No Return ? Opps ! What I have done ?

Here are few things to be considered seriously by the employer ?

  1. Locations : Some of the employers are strict to the choosing and hiring the website designer or digital agency for the project,probably of previous bad experiences,but there are thousand of website employee who does the best work online with out face to face meeting.Freelancers or offshore digital agency are doing good job for the business who even prefers local for the jobs,but it is good to know the locality and company or full address of the digital agency.
  2. Pro folios:  Employer has to considered this in any aspects,if they have done so far related to your business so far,if so ask them,are they aware and known to your business,ask for that,and ask for the back ground check for the works.Hiring the best digital agency works for you.
  3. Price: Ask for the quote for the website design and development for the requirements you have,do you have other website packages as well,compare with other companies or freelancers,what are included and exclusive in the cost,is the quote reasonable for you to hire the company.
  4. Promises: Do they provide all the services they have quoted,do they ask for extra what are included in the quote,pls always keep the copy of the quote,remember to be on the upper hand on the conversation.But remember to consider for genuine work don’t be harass.
  5. Time frame: Consider and check the time frame for every work phase.


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