Pricing of the website?

It is always a good idea to think about the business and its involves the business success and failure both.choosing the right web partner for the business is vital.

It is always hard and confusing to choose a web designer/web developer for your business website in the competitive market.But it would be easy to finalise the web partner if you have your specification and requirements for the website that you want and what you don’t want for.Here are few things to consider to make your web designer to built a website from scratch.

domain name: choosing a good name is essential for your business and same as the domain name ie,,,cost for the domain varies from $8.99 to $20 depending up on the TLD of the domain name
web hosting: it denotes the purchase of the space for the website in the server,the price varies from $2 and increases what kind of space and bandwidth you prefer for your careful while choosing the server and its bandwidth,if it exceeds the website will do down.Please ask for the emails as well.

website design and web development cost: the prices ranges as per the requirements,it ranges from $99 probably for the simple website and increases to $599 $699 and more if your website features increases like online payment,cms features
after sales support: please ask for your web partner if they have or provide after sales support for your website if any things goes wrong,if so how many months/year, if not what would be the charges.
These are the few things to be considered for designing the website from scratch

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